By Surprise / Hightide Hotel

by Hightide Hotel

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A split 7" with our friends By Surprise, released by our friends at Runner Up Records. For these and the By Surprise jams, please visit:


released June 25, 2009

Christopher Thomas - Bass / Vocals / Keyboard / Organ
David Sampson - Guitar / Vocals
Nathaniel Dionne - Drums / Vocals / Sounds

Produced and Engineered by Joe "Run It Through The Stack" Reinhart at Big Mamma's Warehouse in Philadelphia, PA in December 2008 and January 2009.

Available through Runner Up Records.



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Track Name: Shuttle
The way you sit riding home on board the shuttle, slouched and huddled with your knees against the seat, it's the same way that I sit when I ride home on board the shuttle, slouched and troubled, wishing that you were sitting here next to me.

And I'm just not convinced that this is just coincidence.

I've heard at 11:11 you make wishes.
I've heard you're superstitious through and through.
And if that's true that's something I've been doing too, wishing at 11:12 tomorrow I'll be lying next to you.
Track Name: Elementary Biology
Pupils fix and dilate with infatuation, so I'm staring up at the ceiling, or down at the floor, at the front door, avoiding locking eyes so you can't catch what I'm feeling.

Social activity becomes instinct in social animals, and you tell me that "We're not different than the ants inside a colony" when we dance, and fuck, and fight, and then stay up all night talking.

It's elementary biology.
It's some things I've learned along the way that I carry with me to this day.

As if you and I have been designed to meet.
Track Name: Apartment Buildings
Wandering city streets, trying to keep from thinking about you moving in all your things just up the street from me, into an apartment building I can see from literally any seat in my apartment building.

The saying's true I find, that "Out of sight is out of mind"
But I can't keep preoccupied when you're in plain sight and on my mind.

When you're in plain sight I can't keep you off my mind.