Porch Luck

by Hightide Hotel

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released August 14, 2008

Christopher Thomas - Bass / Vocals
David Sampson - Guitar / Vocals
Nathaniel Dionne - Drums / Vocals

Produced and Engineered by Joe Loftus and Angel in Wyoming, PA in August 2008

Available as a one sided LP via our friends at Kat Kat Records :



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Track Name: The Tender And The Terrible
Sleeping on newspaper across the hall from your portrait on the wall, stands six feet high and six feet wide.
Concentrating on the marks you made both on me and on the page and mulling over hazel eyes

This is inertia calling to let you know I'm falling way too fast to ever slow down now.
I wouldn't know how

You packed the last of your things into your car before you leave for the summer
A hug and sigh, the hard goodbye
Rode the bus back home slouched in defeat and broke down in the window seat, mulling over hazel eyes
Track Name: I Know What The Word Gone Means
I was looking for God in an empty cornfield, but all I found was dirt and trash.
I was thinking of you while I was spitting at sunsets.
I was thinking of leaving here for good.

I was looking for love in a Greyhound bus-seat, not feeling unlike dirt and trash.
I was thinking of you while I was watching the sunrise.
I was thinking of leaving here for good.

I was searching your bedroom for any signs of life.
Abandoned books and dusted keepsakes were all that I co
Track Name: Open Your Eyes And Stare
That first night when we finally met you were stuck in the easy way out.
That first night when we finally met I knew I couldn't help.

Can you see?
Kiss the ground.
Open your eyes.
Stare straight ahead with me now.

I'm feeling defeated and I can't listen anymore.
Track Name: Porch Luck
I was sitting on the lawn with a wide-eye to the sun like a dead fish in a big pond.
And as I gasped for air, I wondered where you were through the water and the murky dirt.

It didn't help at all that I'm the one you called.
It doesn't help me like I know it helps you.
Just wait, someday soon we'll be buried in the same tomb, the earth will cover us like a bruise.

The bed quakes with my weight.
The bed doesn't know that you're gone.
The bed is lucky it doesn't know you the way that I do.

And I don't want you to answer my next call.
It would just upset you.

And I won't, I won't.
And I don't, I don't.

I'll stay up all night again, all night again.