Secret Somethings: Vol. 2

by Hightide Hotel

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Ben Schmidt - drums / vocals / percussion
Christopher Thomas - bass / vocals
David Sampson - guitar / vocals / keyboard / programming / bells

Additional vocals by Nathaniel Dionne, Robin Delaney, and Samuel Rudich
Viola by Jessie Mitchell
Violin by Robin Delaney

Produced and engineered by Marcus Denke and David Sampson
Mastered by Christopher Thomas
Recorded from December 2010 thru April 2011 at the Engine Room in Philadelphia, PA


released April 1, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Intro
Like a specter that's chasing each step you take
A burning doubt that clouds the dark side of your brain
It's a pain that finds you on the far-end of your day
Lying in bed, tallying all of your mistakes.

Staring at the ceiling, do you know this feeling?
Track Name: Ballad
Both always sorry that we didn't call
Although both obviously not all that sorry at all
Or at least not enough for either one of use to keep
From becoming habitual.

And I still remember the selfish way
That I used to lie in bed and wait
For you to get through all the updates and all the details of your day
So I could fall asleep or turn the other way

See, I used to figure I could do without it
But now I kind of doubt it

Keeping touch
And losing touch
It seems we always mix them up
We're out of touch
Track Name: Ultimatum
So let's speak of London
Speak of Amsterdam
Speak of everything except
That we don't speak unless with friends
Or of the plans you made before you left
And followed up on upon your return
Everything these hands have built together can all burn
If you can't look me in the face back in the States without turning away

As I turned my back to rest
It was decided it was best for all
"In my best interest"
That certain knowledges stayed kept
Hanging just above me in the air there where I slept
Or on the quiet lips of those I've come to know as friends
Or in the subtle way a stare across a room can say all that's gone unsaid

I guess it must've never crossed your mind
But then in ten days in a van, who has the time?
Track Name: Hollow
You drained the marrow all right out of my bones
And left me lighter, left me hollow, then you left me alone
Your most half-hearted excuse turned out to be the truth
That I was "way too good for you"

Turns out I'm way too good for you
Track Name: Your Bed
Our fourth week in bed you said to me
With undertones of dread that he
Was riding the rails and would be
Visiting the city that week
You recommended that I leave
And I reluctantly agreed
Then when he blew his funds on weed
You dialed and whispered to me
"Come home, boy, I'm lonely and you are my only joy
Come home, boy, I'm all alone, boy."

Most days I don't answer my phone
Most days I crave to be alone
Track Name: My Bed
You had this air that said you didn't care
If everyone at school would stare
At our matching, matted bed-head hair
In the same clothes that we could always wear
Because we were sewn into a couch
Both so opposed to going out
Yeah, it's funny: it's no different now
Except that you never come around
There's no more handing off of glasses
As you head off late for classes
There's no bedside staring matches
So there'll be no further distractions
From the vastness of my bed
Or the fucking bastard inside my head
Who's always listing all of my regrets
These days he won't shut up so I get no rest

And that's the reason I gave up on sleeping
And I guess that's why I'm always off daydreaming
And recently it's really had me thinking
That when you claim to know what's best you may just be mistaken
Track Name: Hospital Green
From thirty dollar parking to the elevator doors
To me clawing at my collar as it climbed the floors
To the welcoming surroundings and the hundred dollar view
And the reassuring smiles, none of which improve my mood

And from the coldness of the car seat to the coldness of the bed
To what precious warmth clings to the layers we don't shed
To the kind of winter cold that carves its name across our bones
To where we both swear together that we're both not so alone

How do you measure time
In human growth or in human error
Or maybe both?
We took our time but it still took a toll
Wincing with every crack in the concrete
Or bump in the road

The staggering way that we managed to stagger away
From all of that still half intact still astounds me to this day

And I'm crawling in my skin
Track Name: Malice
I get mean when I get smart
And when I set my mind to it there's little I can't pick apart
I've been known to erupt and self-destruct
So you should keep a safe distance
Or I may drag you into this abyss without you realizing it
Always thinking but never full
Forever unaware that there's a world outside of my skull

I recall what a psychiatrist once said
Of the things I'd rather not forget
She taught me this subconscious trick, taught me to write them down in red
Said that way they'd "stay stuck in my head"

So often I'm surprised
By some of the thoughts that come leaking through my lips at times
If I invite you in with a slight grin then it's a masterful disguise
Perfectly masking the malevolence hidden behind my down-turned eyes
And I have rows of teeth behind my teeth to make the most of every bite
And I could drag you so far underneath that you could only dream of light

I am not the type who easily forgets
No I relish my regrets
But I took her up on that advice and wrote all my misdeeds in red
To be sure they stay stuck in my head

A growing list of my dead ends
And an ever shrinking list of friends
It's a sour, smirking resentment
Track Name: Closer
In morning's first light on still folded sheets
After the sorriest excuse for a good night's sleep
We laid for hours that stretched into weeks
And after each pause, we traded thoughts and you'd softly speak
And it was faint, but I still made it out
All my own doubts falling out of another person's mouth

Oh, what a voice, oh, what a voice
How I did rejoice

In your parents' house, in your childhood bed
I watched the rise and fall of your ribcage with every breath
Making a makeshift space for me to rest my heavy head
And in that place, in those quiet days, I could hear it best
And I was calm, somehow while so distressed
When I heard my own heart beating in another person's chest

Oh, what a sound, oh, what a sound
Oh, I felt so found

And it resonates
Rolls 'round my skull and all around and throughout my brain
And I squirm, I twist and shake
As it courses its way through each and every vein
And it reverberates throughout my vertebrae
Oh, what a sound, oh, how I did shake
Almost restoring my long lost and fleeting faith in fate

I gave our love a sound
I passed the word around