I'd say you said it best when you said "nothing that we've built is built to last"
And that's the kind of thing you can't take back.
It's just the kind of thing I don't forget.
And since I've turned it over in my head, retracing over every word you said.
Its got me talking to myself in bed, convincing myself to accept that I know that it's wrong,
I know there's no sense in hanging on to what I know is gone.

I think I said it best when I said that "we simply aren't up to the task of bearing all the weight of aching days"
Because we're both built to buckle when pressed.
And so now even at the touch of a slight breeze I feel my knees cave in underneath me.
And since I can't lean on what's dead and gone, I've come to depend on my own feet for carrying me from week to week,
Through all these city streets, through every new defeat,
And both my knees are weak, but I'm still standing.

Learning to accept rather than regret what's out of my hands is taking me longer than I had expected.




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